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Midway Machine has 38 years of experience boring cylinders!

CALL: 800-472-4859 or 715-424-2148 for Pricing

After many hours of use, cylinders can become worn, (out of round) and the cylinder walls may become scratched. This will cause your rings to not properly seal, which will cause low compression and loss of performance. These conditions call for cylinder boring.

Most cylinders can be bored from 0.010 to 0.040 of an inch oversize. (Some even more)

Midway Machine has the capabilities to bore cylinders for marine, snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, chain saws that range from 1.562 to 4.500 inches in diameter. All our cylinders are honed to exact clearances and the ports are chamfered. We also will bead blast the cylinder to inspect for cracks will will also make the cylinder look like new again.

You never want to complete a rebuild without having your cylinders bored.

We can supply you with pistons and gasket sets from WISECO. We are one of Wiseco's oldest distributors.